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I recently met Jacqueline Boone while sharing travel stories about Panama online. She writes an amazing blog called 6 Months to Live, which is all about living a life you love.

This is how Jacqueline sees it:

Life is precious. No one knows when our time will come, so why wait? We can enjoy life now. We can pursue our dreams. We can LIVE for the present while also planning for the future. We can be the people we were born to be and make the world a better place by following our true hearts’ callings. Be alive! Be adventurous. Grow. Love with your whole heart. Explore. Travel. Dance. Make friends. Change. Try something new. Question. Learn. Take chances. Trust. Make mistakes. Be a goofball. Laugh. Above all, live!

I fundamentally love this concept and want to help spread this philosophy to as many people as I can.

Her deepest passion is to travel and to connect with people on a global scale, and she has an opportunity via a major contest to travel the world for the next 6 months for free! Then, when she gets home she’d get enough money  to create her start-up, which will transform the way people connect and achieve their dreams!

So how does it work? Well, it’s called the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List. It’s hosted by My Destination, the online hub for all things travel. It’s a seriously incredible resource for everyone from first time travelers to those who live out of a backpack. They felt the best thing that had been offered to date was the Best Job in the World contest which Tourism Queensland did back in 2009. So they wanted to go one bigger….and actually have got Ben Southall (who won Best Job) involved in the offering.

The winning applicant of the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List will get to travel the world for 6 months, to 6 continents and 25+ international destinations. It’s all expenses paid (up to US $50,000) as they will blog and report for My Destination as they travel. And as if that wasn’t enough,  when they return there will be a check for US $50,000 waiting for them!

Jacqueline needs our help, so I invite you to help make her BIGGEST DREAM become a reality by voting for her #mybbb travel contest entry and sharing in your networks! This is an awesome video and story she produced to show what a great job she would do if they picked her for the gig. I love that she shows an off the beaten path side of one of my favorite countries.

The top 5 entries that receive the most votes and social shares automatically makes the finals in London next month, so share, tweet, pin, +1, and stumble (all votes from different accounts count) to support an amazing, inspirational woman achieve her dream!


  1. Thank you so much, Trish! This is a absolutely wonderful blog post, and I so appreciate you and your readers help in making my BIGGEST DREAM a reality! :)

  2. @Jacqueline Yes, I’m voting a ton! Let’s make this happen! :)

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