Under the Argentine Vine

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Many people watch the movie under the Tuscan Sun and fantasize about starting a new, romantic life in Italy. They want to wander through the vineyards and experience the simple things. Over the course of my life I’ve visited Italy and appreciated the quintessential charm of the Italian culture. But when I get lost in travel fantasy I don’t dream of the Michelangelo or overpriced chianti.

I yearn for a path less traveled, a place that still today retains it’s original and authentic allure. No tourist menus, no double decker buses, just a quiet place with wonderful food, good wine and that unexplainable factor I don’t find anywhere else. For me, Chacras de Coria was one of those rare places.

This village is a small oasis 8 miles outside of the hustle of Mendoza, Argentina’s beloved wine region. The area has a desert climate but a typical visitor probably doesn’t know it. Brilliant engineering and city planning designed a system of canals that flow parallel to each street, bringing water and thus vibrant foliage, tall trees and land ripe for the wine growing.

As you stroll or bike through town, enjoy the tree tunnels built by the over grown sycamores. The trees provide leafy shade and a welcome seclusion from the hot sun. “Chacras” as it’s called, is a convenient location situated nearby many of the region’s wine bodegas, and not far from the city center. It’s in this perfect little corner of the world that you find the Finca Adalgisa Botique Hotel & Winery.

In Spanish finca means estate, ranch or property. Finca Adalgisa has been the home for Moretti and Furlotti families for nearly 100 years. The current owner is Gabriela Furlotti, the granddaughter of Lila Moretti who purchased the property and saw to the planting of the malbec vineyard in 1916.

During that time Chacras was a district of mostly summer and weekend homes. The Morettis immigrated from Tuscany and the Furlottis from Parma. This was not uncommon for the time. More than 50 percent of Argentines have Italian last names. Between 1861 and 1914, sixteen million Italians immigrated to Argentina.

In 2002 the finca was converted into a hotel in an effort to preserve the history of the family and the traditional malbec vineyard. Sadly, many small farms have found it difficult to survive in a world where large scale/corporate wineries have taken up a larger interest in the Mendoza region.

The property boasts a harvest of of grapes, olives and many other aromatic herbs. Each of the 11 guest rooms are different, well appointed and comfortable while simultaneously unpretentious. The finca participates in the “Chacras Recycles” project and composts kitchen waste in order to be as kind to the earth as possible.

The hotel can coordinate activities such as cooking classes, massages, a private driver for excursions, wine tours, horse back riding and full day outdoor excursions in the Andes.

The real superstar of the property is Vinko. He is the chief resident and the true boss of the finca. To read more about his story click here.

We spent a lot of our time relaxing by the pool, where conversations with other guests seemed to flow as easy the local wine. We typically chatted about how lucky we were to have found the finca, and exchanged notes about what side trips were available just outside the farm’s gates. That was some of the beauty of the hotel, there seemed to be as much (or as little) activities as one could fit (or not) into their stay. When we got even the least bit restless, we simply grabbed the cruiser bikes that are available to all guest free of charge, and rode into the nearby village for a bite to eat or some groceries.

Also on the property at the finca is Bodega Furlotti.

The small winery at the finca produces approximately 5,000 bottles per vintage with the grapes grown on the property. The wine is served nightly to guests at the bodega along with wonderful pairing tapas. The winery is also responsible for producing Argentina’s first fair trade wine. For more info about the winery click here.

Our accommodations were provided by Finca Adalgisa but all opinions above are our own. 


  1. Amazing! You know I love your blog!!!

  2. Ok the pool in the vineyard is amazing. Swim and relax all day while sipping wine, yes please! And Vinko the dog looks so happy. What a great place to stay.

    • @KateR Vinko was such a character! The Bodega was one of the most memorable places I’ve ever gone.

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