Travel Video: Ancient Shrine in Kyoto

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Epic Ancient Shrine in Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine

Jacob Laukaitis is a 21 year old digital nomad, who has traveled to more than 35 countries in the last 2 years. He loves making inspiring travel videos from places he visits. He happily shared this one from his last trip to the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

The shrine predates 794 when the capital of Japan moved to Kyoto. It sprawls all around the mountain and there are hundreds of small shrines, thousands of sculptures and more than 10,000 Torii gates. Every single one of those gates have been donated by an individual or an organization or a company from anywhere around the world. Their names are inscribed on the gates in Japanese characters. The prices start from 400,000 yen (nearly $3,500 usd) and go up to a million yen and even more.

In order to reach the shrine you need to trek up-hill for quite some time until you reach the wooden forest of the sacred Mount Inari which stands at 233 meters above sea level. Many people do not trek all the way to the top, because even though it’s not a very tough physical challenge, it’s still quite a stretch, especially for older people and kids. If you, however, decide to climb all the way up don‘t be surprised by a bunch of people up front. In the beginning there are way too many people for it to be enjoyable, but the higher up you go, the more relaxing and interesting it gets“ – Jacob shares his experience.

Since the shrine has been there for ages it seems as a natural part of the mountain and surroundings, much more than the shopping malls, hotels or stations of Kyoto. It seems like it’s been around forever and it’s as much a part of the mountain as its trees and bushes.


Jacob’s travels and videos are partly covered by He says: “There’s no way I could produce 2-3 inspiring travel videos every month without their help. It’s simply too expensive and time-consuming.” You can find more of Jacob‘s adventures at his site and on his Instagram.

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