Destination Romance: Viceroy Bali

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The act of researching the perfect hotel for a honeymoon or special get-a-way can be quiet the process. Couples search through countless Internet reviews and click pictures in endless photo galleries, searching for something I consider the intangible “it factor.”

We want a destination where dreamy, romantic fantasies can become reality. A magical place where you and your partner can make memories that you fondly remember for the rest of your lives. After kids come and stresses of work leave you drained, there should be a special place you can dream about for mental escape. For us, this place is the Viceroy in Bali.

When we informed out taxi driver of our destination his eyes widened and he said “oh very nice.” He was right. The moment we arrived we realized that this was a very special place. We stepped out of the taxi and our bags were whisked to our villa as we received a personal tour of the property. The grounds are spectacular with sprawling views of a monkey forest and palm trees so tall they touch the clouds. The Viceroy is positioned on a steep hillside with terraced rows of villas dotting the breathtaking landscape.

The infinity pool wraps around the grounds curving like a natural river. Beautifully furnished cabanas are arranged for sunbathing. Honeymooners lay about soaking up the rays, reading and getting lost in their new martial bliss.

A buggy service is available to usher guests around the property. When the buggy dropped us off at our villa we were  blown away. Upon entry we noticed the private plunge pool and our own cabana on the patio off our room.

From our pool we spent endless hours hugging the edge of the water, looking out into the jungle landscape. Nothing can beat watching the sunrise on your private cabana while you sip decadent coffee and watch the early morning macaque monkeys swing from tree to tree no doubt looking for some breakfast of their own.

The villa redefined opulence and luxury. The bed was a lush treat making mornings difficult when it was time to get up. I had to coach myself out of its heavenliness with the promise of the incredible Viceroy breakfast. The breakfast menu was beyond delicious. Guests are entitled to a starter (like a breakfast appetizer) before the main course entrée, with side dishes and a large selection of tasty drinks too.

One morning I indulged in banana pancakes for my starter, Italian ratatouille for my entrée and a medley of bacon, sausage, fruit and yogurt for sides.  As impressed and full as we were leaving breakfast, nothing prepared us for dinner.

The chef at the onsite CasCades restaurant prepared a romantic, candlelit 8-course meal that left us holding our very full stomachs in joyous satisfaction. The point of vacation is to unwind and indulge, and with the help of the chef, we did just that. We started our meal with the amuse bouche cheese croquette. The chef followed that with beef carpaccio, with thinly sliced Wagyu beef, toasted sesame seeds, teriyaki reduction and mixed salad.

Next came the seafood bouillon, which was a party of poached baby scallops and silky Japanese tofu in a miso and seaweed broth with kombu seaweed salad.

To cleanse our pallet we then enjoyed a light, fresh crab salad wrapped in a thin cucumber skin with a sprinkling of roe on top.

As if we weren’t already full, we then ate chicken gigolette with roasted mushroom stuffed chicken breast with rosemary potato gratin, organic vegetables and gravy wine jus. The fish came next and it was just incredible. We feasted on pan-seared barramundi on a fresh herb and olive oil potato puree with an avocado, tomato and lemon salsa.

We ended the meal with two dishes to satisfy our sweet tooth. First, coconut cake that included passion fruit cheesecake served with passion fruit jelly candies and strawberry coulis.  They also brought us chocolate mousse coated in valrhona 86% cocoa dark ganache with citrus gremolata.

We waddled back to our room as very happy campers. Just as we thought we thought our experience couldn’t get any better, we started reading about the spa treatment we signed up for the next day. We had booked the couples treatment at the Lembah spa which is renown in the region for using western knowledge fused with time-tested Balinese wellness techniques.

Our package was two hours and included a Balinese massage, body scrub using turmeric, a moisture rich body mask using natural yoghurt and a soak in a warm flower bath. We finished off the treatment with a steam bath and a dip in the Jacuzzi while sipping fresh mint tea. We joked during the treatment that they must be prepping us as a dinner entree as we marinated in our yougurt and spices. When the treatment was over we both couldn’t believe how relaxed we felt and how soft our skin ended up. There is truly something about that Balinese magic!

The hotel is located just 3 mins outside downtown Ubud, with a free shuttle into town. This location is ideal because it’s quiet so you can have total serenity. It’s also very convenient if you want to take the quick ride downtown for shopping or dinner. For more information about the Viceroy Bali check out the website here or their incredible TripAdvisor reviews here.

Our experience at the Viceroy Bali was provided in order to do this review, but the opinions expressed above are, as always, our own. 



  1. Holy hell, looks AMAZING! That pool!!! What a dream.

    • And you’ll be visiting that hell tomorrow Kim! excited to meet you :)

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