Beyond the Casinos; Fun Activities Around Las Vegas

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Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

I’m frequently asked by friends “what should we do in Las Vegas?” Like in many large cities there are great restaurants, entertainment and nightlife. I’m personally not into gambling and am happy to have found some alternatives I now share with friends planning trips to the area. The region is smack dab in the middle of a desert. Sunrise and sunset provide stunning views and the opportunity for beautiful photography once you are off the strip.

If you are interested in Vegas beyond the slot machine check out McGhie’s, the company that runs the most guided tours outside Las Vegas. They have been around for more than 50 years and are the most credible and established option for outdoor fun.

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McGhie’s offers a variety of routes from the Redrock Canyon Loop to the scenic River Mountain Trails of Nevada. Despite having pre-constructed routes, its services go beyond the usual bike tours, as McGhie’s allows guests to customize their tour itinerary. It caters to all levels of riders so beginners won’t have to worry about falling behind the group.

Las Vegas didn’t used to have many hiking or tour bike tours, though times have changed. It used to be known purely for its glamorous casinos, but things took a shift when the gaming industry started feeling the competition from its online counterparts. Online gaming providers are successful because of the convenience they offer, and they often give players extra credits whenever they make a deposit.

Some even give out freebies like free cinema tickets which is something that not all casinos can provide.

In order to compete with the level of competition that online casinos offer, Las Vegas diversified its attractions by taking advantage of its natural surroundings, and offered guided tours and events – things that online casinos are not able to do. If you’re interested in taking part in one of their tours and getting away from the Strip, here are some things to look at:

  • Customized bike tour depending on the areas you and your friends want to see
  • Trail hikes can go as far as 6 miles, and rock scrambling adventures can go as long as 3 miles, with levels from moderate to strenuous
  • Total hike time usually take 5 hours including the time of travel to certain locations
  • Minimum age of hiking participants is 10 years old
  • Bringing hats, sunglasses, sunblock, and a camera is optional but highly recommended
  • The tour includes a roundtrip service from the Las Vegas strip
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For more information, you can visit McGhie’s website.

This is an sponsored post but as always, these opinions are truly my own.

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